How do we communicate love now, and in the future?


Berlin being the inspiration, what does emotional intelligence look like in 2033?


UX design lead


4 Months
Research—Design iterations—storytelling

Technology, in terms of tools, changed the way we communicate. But it has also changed how we communicate on a personal level.


The goal is to use the power of computing to design a better communication experience for couples in committed, long distance relationships



10% of all marriages in the United States started out as long distance relationships, and 14 million people are in long distance relationships right now.


"What keeps us together is all

about intimacy and spontaneity
in communication."

—Replacing being connected

to feeling connected.


A hands on, interactive smart home device that allows couples to synchronize their living spaces. It creates a natural way to communicate as if they were together in the same space

living spaces. It creates a natural way to communicate as if they were

Entertainment is the best virtual way to provide two people moments to experience together.

Having a moment to listen to the favorite
playlist sets the mood for two and pulls the
two minds closer to each other.

Watching a show or movie together is a
tranquil yet exciting way to interact. Couples
can expressive towards a character or a scene
that they both love so much.

"Dylan can we talk about how ridiculous the main character is?"


Sync is a device that redefines communication for couples. With its interactive surface, users can notify and receive availability and share spontaneous, intimate moments throughout the day


Sync’s interactive surface allows users to fidget with the device throughout the day. The responsive surface has a “Memory foam like” feel to it.


When both users fidget with sync, they are able to feel each other’s movements in real time. This creates a sense of connection.

Share Availability

With a simple two single tap gesture, users are able to share their availability throughout the day with their partner. This allows users to find the perfect window where they schedule a talk.

Match Availability

When both users’ availability is matched, they receive a wave(Haptic) notification on Sync. Everytime the wave hits the edges, the user receives a small haptic vibration. This notifies both users that they’ve found the perfect time to communicate.

Design Language Matters

A good design language really enlightens the user experience. The icons on the interface are designed to look approachable and intimate

Many many prototype testings for the most human centered design

Although we've had experience with long distance relationship, our initial assumptions were completely wrong! Through Ozing, we learned that the environment, the mood of the users, should be considered to create the most efficient and intimate design.