Hello! I've been expecting you

First of all, welcome. Now I owe you a glass of wine

Here is..

Why I ended up in SF

Originally from Vancouver(Canada), I was attending an art high school when I heard about a mindblowing college named ArtCenter, so I moved to LA and studied there for 4 years (and explored every gallery and coffee shop). When I interned at Google in SF, I truly loved every single person on my team, so now I’m back for more.

Things I believe as a designer

Passionate storytelling, teamwork, the power of making mistakes, testing everything out, setting goals, intense brainstorming sessions, aesthetics, going to coffee shops, and bouncing ideas off interesting people

What I do on my spare time

Inventing fusion / fancy sandwiches
Think about what’s in the fourth dimension
Boxing while listening to reggaeton
Making ugly cute pottery
Taking spontaneous bus/train rides

Always inspired by

Just about everything, but these people especially: Mom, Dad, Cami, Errol Gerson, Gerardo Herrera, Brad Klemmer, Shadia Walsh, Seth Hamlin, Rose, Sam, Cindy. Took a part of you into me, because you are really great.

To hang with Alice

Email: alicexyyu@gmail.com
Connect through instagram: Flotowstrasse
Text if you already have my number
Ask Maggie Hendrie to contact me
(only if she likes you)