Life is magical. Be the guardian of the animals you care about.

Original logo

ASPCA rebrand

The new identity stems from the idea of guardian: we’re a team of guardians for the animals we love. The last A, which stands for animals, is designed into the mascot of ASPCA.


bring out
some colors

Hello, far away friends

The website is also redesigned as the celebration to the ASPCA rebrand. We aim to provide our online audience a delightful experience that's easy to navigate around. The goal is to highlight the animals we take care of at ASPCA as well as providing any information our audience needs.

ASPCA in the future

We try our best to clear any possible road blocks for those who are willing to provide the animals homes. Something we pay attention to is what we can do to maximize this number

ASPCA app is for people with less accommodating environment to co-adopt pets together. This app was inspired when we saw many of our potential pet owners hesitate when they don't have enough time, financial flexibility, living space, or energy.

With a filter system, the potential owners can find a pet partner to form a great team to provide animals a lovely home.

A good example of a team would be a college student + a retired senior. A golden retriever can live in a spacious, comfortable environment and also be walked everyday.

The system is an awesome way to keep our facilities open for potential new animals. With the help of ASPCA app, we are closer to our goal of becoming the guardian of the animals.

I had a lot of fun volunteering at ASPCA. Hopefully these special moments could compile into a special one for you too :)